80 metra + 21 PHBG = jet?

got this? perfect polished case match/seal, need to patch transfer hole before running this; E50 w/Tecno Estoril

ideas? 50/90 maybe?

Re: 80 metra + 21 PHBG = jet?

I have a 96 in now and it's a little rich. When I take off the air filter it runs like a scalded ape. I have an 8p on mine


Re: 80 metra + 21 PHBG = jet?

haha! I was hopping to run like a Great white in the electric chair!

Re: 80 metra + 21 PHBG = jet?

96! no freakin way almost seized my shit goin 20+mph for a 5 seconds. biggest i could find at the momemnt 105 and will bog if i open WOP real fast. who else?

Re: 80 metra + 21 PHBG = jet?

well there are lotsa factors,,, air type,,, marine vs. desert,,,, temps, and altitude..

you are going to have to play... i'm running a 94 but with fall upon us.. i expect to change it up...

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