qt50 jemco pipe

does any one have the jemco pipe for their qt's? is it worth buying or should i stay with the stock pipe?

Re: qt50 jemco pipe

dood get it

i got it fer my bike

i love it

it has way better power all around the power bad

espically up top

do it you wont regret it

Re: qt50 jemco pipe

what else have you done to your qt? I found alot or parts on peeweecycle.com not sure whats worth buying on their either.

Re: qt50 jemco pipe

At least get the boyesen reeds. I just installed a new set last week, and it made a big difference. It felt like it took a day or two to tune them in right and break them in, but I have better throttle response and a slightly higher top speed. I can now hit mid 30's easily, and Im running an 80 qt50 thats stock with boyesen reeds and K&N air filter. Supposedly, the reeds will do a lot more for you when you get the expansion chamber exhaust from Jemco.

Re: qt50 jemco pipe

i heard that you need to rejet your carb when you get the power reeds. did you have to do that or how did you make it run smooth again?

Re: qt50 jemco pipe

power reeds

shaved head

k&n filter

yt 60 jug

and the wonderfull jemco pipe

Re: qt50 jemco pipe

No, no re-jetting needed for me. I had to tinker with the carb for about half a day of riding to get it "just right" but heres what I did: set the clip on the needle to 2nd from top, rode it for 10 minutes to warm it up, adjusted the air screw and then the idle screw, rode it again to see how she felt, messed with the idle screw again, rode again, etc. I finally ended up with it idling (not perfectly, but really good for now) where the rear tire will spin, but only very slowly. It will idle good without choke, and a tiny rough with choke, but it accelerates a lot better and has a slightly higher top speed. I'm going to the 60cc with a bigger carb this winter, so I'm happy for now.

Re: qt50 jemco pipe

when you talk about setting the needle clip;

what is that and where is it?

Re: qt50 jemco pipe

Here is how you access the needle clip. On the exterior of the carb is a top plate where the throttle and choke cables go in. There is one screw in that plate. Remove the screw and lift it off, with the cables still connected. There will be 2 brass cylinders that the cables plug in to, 1 big (the throttle cable) and 1 small (choke). Undo the throttle cable and remove the brass cylinder, which will have the needle protruding from the bottom. Inside the cylinder is a "W" shaped clip, which holds the needle in place. Use needle nose pliers to remove said retaining clip, and pull the needle from the brass cylinder. On the top of the needle is a very small clip. Use the pliers and gently remove the clip and replace it on which ever notch gets your noped running best. Like I said, mine is running best on the 2nd from top. The closer to the top, the leaner it will run, and farther to bottom the richer. I think stock is 2nd from top? Make sure you dont lose the small clip, or the retaining clip, or the spring. Reassemble in the reverse order. Thats all!

Re: qt50 jemco pipe

im gonna have to go tweek it

maybe get it to go a lil faster


Re: qt50 jemco pipe

No prob. Good luck. Let me know if you do any of the other upgrades, since I'll be trying them out down the road.

jemco wants $180 ups delivered

I called jemco and they want $180.00 delivered UPS ground sounds kinda high for such a little pipe. any one know if there is a bi turbo

already made that can be converted cheaper?

Re: jemco wants $180 ups delivered

that was my point. I only found that one company makes a better pipe, Jemco. i guess you could use the fmf pipe off of a pw50 but it would be akward looking. $180 seems kinda steep but if it gives it alot more power then it might be worth it.

Re: jemco wants $180 ups delivered

Jemco or bust.

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