Honda PA50 exhaust advice needed

I have a slow PA50II. Right now I'm looking for any kind of exhaust that will improve performance without changing porting.

I know little about what will work, however I am up to modifying exhaust parts as needed.

Any suggestions for performance parts other than Camino or Proma (which can't be found) would be appreciated. Any comments on what would need to be done to attach the new exhaust would also be useful.

I do know that the Hobbit does not have the standard 2-bolt flange exhaust.

Re: Honda PA50 exhaust advice needed

I'm in the same boat.. gonna try hacking the exhaust header off a stock PA50 exhaust and welding a cheap pitbike exhaust onto it.. couple folks I know have had decent results.

Re: Honda PA50 exhaust advice needed

Do let me know how it goes, please. I'd like to know which exhausts would make sense to use. Things like the size of the front end throat, length of pipe, etc. must make a difference.

Re: Honda PA50 exhaust advice needed

MadMax -

There is only one other source for pipes that fit PA50's. I looked into the depths of the internet to find out that your options are very, VERY limited (which is why I sold my PA50 a week ago....and got a Puch Magnum).

BUT.....your best bet...even if it's expensive, is to search european Ebay network.

go to,, it will send you to a promt website where you can click on, like, 12 different European country sites.

Then just do a quick search for Honda Camino.

See what comes up. You'll be amazed at the crazy stuff they have for Caminos over there. And there is a seller who has a performance pipe....goes for around 79.00 EUR. I think plus shipping, you'll be in for about 125.00, maybe 130.00 for a new pipe.

But since Proma is in the process of's your ONLY source for a NEW performance pipe. There isn't any other way. Unless you want to do a fully custom, bastardized job that may, or may not work.

Good luck.

Re: Honda PA50 exhaust advice needed

Raymond Rexroad /

Here's what I did:

We're up to 36 MPH on my mildly ported PA50I.

Re: Honda PA50 exhaust advice needed the way, camino isnt a make of performance parts its what europeans call pa50's..its like hobbit/pa50...a camino is a pa50

ninja also make pipes for the camino....go on french or belgian honda camino

Re: Honda PA50 exhaust advice needed

RRRRRRR. This is really pissing me off. I also have the same problem. F the PA50 I need exhaust.

Re: Honda PA50 exhaust advice needed

Re: Honda PA50 exhaust advice needed

its the right shape to fit under the engine nicely, but i think the flange is slightly wrong and also the mounting bracket is in completely the wrong place...

...i feel that in less you get the right pipe its going to take some modification, but if your up for it that looks like a promising starting point

Re: Honda PA50 exhaust advice needed

Check out this form and all of the jpgs ... I just bought one for $20.

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