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i have a puch cdi stator plate. and mentioned it to vic from m23 and he told me that this cdi box would work with it. i guess it is the same ducati part number as the original. i was going to give it a shot. but i had one question, is the fly wheel specific to the puch cdis? i noticed on the one that harold had gotten from stevesmopeds that it seemed to have a nut on the inside. anyone know what up?

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matt, the flywheel is specific it has ducati stamped right on it. also that cdi box isnt exactly the same. i dont know for sure if it will work. steves may actualy have a few korrado cdi boxes left, although I hate to send any business to that asshole.

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so my assumption that a stock flywheel is right. do you know if ducati makes an after market one that might be similar?

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the stock one might work. the only real possible difference is where they put the eccentric lobe on the inside. but you could get around that by running the stock one without a woodruff key.

a dude in buy and sell just sold one to chad burke. heres the pics from the thread:

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most CDI boxes are compatible..

us french dudes never run the stock boxes, instead we run unlimted yamaha boxes from scooters and stuff.

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