i just called my local moped dealer about putting an exhaust on my new 08 LX. he said that since i have an a55 engine it would not be good if i just bended the exhaust to bolt right on. he said i have to fix something for the timing. he also said i would have to switch sprockets (although he didnt know to which size or if it was front or rear) i think this is false only because ive called there before and it seemed like he really didnt know anything about mopeds. but let me get to my questions which are:

1. would i have to fix something for my timing? and what would i need to fix?

2. would i have to upjet? if so to what size? my carb is stock and i have a stock jet. i dont know whta size it is tho

3. would i have to switch sprockets? if so which sprocket and to what size? currently im running 26front and 28rear

4. would it be bad for my engine to bend the exhaust to make it fit?

i would really appreciate any responses and thanks in advance


If it's like any other moped it won't hurt a thing. You may need to mess with your jetting/air/fuel mixture to compensate the different backpressure.

It'll either make you go faster or slower. Put on one and see. I've put a few exhausts together for my peds from other peds etc, w/ pretty good results.


how much would i upjet?


I wen't from a 51 to a 58 without any problems when I put a biturbo exhaust on. I had to remove the airbox and left the filter in for the extra air needed with the richer jet.


well would i really have to adjust my timing?


well would i actually have to switch sprockets or what?


Never touched the timing on mine..


Hi duffman. You don't need to do anything about timing. The stock main jet is #55 in your a55 motor. You don't need to change sprockets unless you want to go faster than 30 mph which is against the law for mopeds. Having said that here we go. To justs add the technigas next r exgaust you may need to bend the pipe to fit. Use a propane torch to heat the pipe and bend. You will then need to jet up to #57 to #58 jet. If you add a free flow air filter like a uni pod the jetting will be #60 to #61. Jetting can be very frustrating and you may need a jet reamer as your motor may like it in between jet #s. I have an arrow with a technigas pipe and uni pod filter and the fine tuning jet is like #605. It's right in the middle of #60 and #61 jet. With the 2 modifications you should be able to reach 38 to 40 mph. If you want to play with changing sprockets, running a 27 tooth front with a 24 tooth rear. It seems to be the magic gears to high speed with out cutting up the engine side cover. You should be able to get close to or into the 45 to 50 mph range with the the pipe, free flow air filter, sprocket change and jetting.

One thing that I forgot to mention is that you need to take off the snorkel from the intake. Use a razer blade or some kind of cutter to cut out the rubber grommet that houses the snorkel and cut it out to the size of the carb mouth.

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