Hobbit Performance Exhaust

I have a 1978 PA50II and I need to get more power out of him. I have given up trying to find the Proma Circuit for the Camino or otherwise, THEY JUST DON’T EXIST. So I’m thinking about trying to fit a Biturbo on him. I’ve heard some say that it will go, other say no and others give me a non-comitial half-assed answer. I wanted to know if there were any success stories of getting a Biturbo on a Hobbit. I know someone who has a welder and if I take off the kickstand and stock muffler it looks like it will fit.

Ultimately the goal it to fit a Polini kit on him. I also wanted to know, if I did find a way to fit it, using my present cylinder, would I get screwed when I get the kit and find out I’ve cut the pipe too short or something like that? I don’t know if my wallet is deep enough to get the kit and the pipe right now and I’m thinking its smarter to get the pipe first.

On another note, what is the difference between the Proma for the Puch and the Hobbit? MopedShop.com has the one for the Puch but they’re a bunch of idiots. (I called them and they kept telling me they only deal in moped parts. Eventually I told him that the Hobbit is a moped, he asked what state I was in and then I heard him ask someone else, "Is a Hobbit a moped in Washington?") If I could get a pipe that wraps around the head I think I would have less trouble making it fit. But like I said the Proma Circuit DOES NOT EXIST.

Re: Hobbit Performance Exhaust

Yeah, the Proma Circuit for the Hobbit is scarce.

Short answer, no, the bi-turbo will not work easily.

It will require substantial fabrication. I'm not saying IMPOSSIBLE, just difficult.

Check ebay.de and ebay.be for Camino stuff. You may just get lucky and find the pipe you want.


Re: Hobbit Performance Exhaust

just find a proma. they are rare but not NONEXISTENT

i have a spare, can you have it? no. but they are out there if you watch carefully.

Re: Hobbit Performance Exhaust

I think adapting a vespa pipe would be much easier.

Re: Hobbit Performance Exhaust

Yup. I'm working on that exact thing, right now.

Pipe is at the welders, I'll let you know how it goes.

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when you adapt a pipe to fit a bike, do you basically just have to bend it and shape it to fit the spacial constraints of your bike, or do you have to be careful not to alter the "sciencey stuff" of the pipe. I would assume shortening it may screw with things, and obviously pinching the pipe somewhere would hurt it, but if you keep the curves clean enough is it all the same? I'm just not sure how people modify these things, I figured certain pipes were made for certain engines, etc. Knowledge-ify me please.


Re: Hobbit Performance Exhaust

all those factors go into effect. But you never know, you might make a better pipe

Re: Hobbit Performance Exhaust

The discharge connection from the cylinder on a Hobbit is not like any other bike that I am aware of. The pipe sort of spigots up into the cylinder where all the other bikes have a flat face. So, to adapt any other pipe to a Hobbit you will have to cut off the header pipe from a stock Hobbit muffler and weld it on to what ever pipe you are going to use.

It is my understanding that Proma went out of business about 5 years ago and the world supply of the Circuit pipe is drying up. I do not believe that you will find any in the states and that you will have to search around in Europe to locate one.

Re: Hobbit Performance Exhaust

I'm having a piece fabricated. The stock honda one is too restrictive for my tastes.

Re: Hobbit Performance Exhaust

So you're fabricating a piece to fit on to the cylinder and connecting a Biturbo or the performance pipe from a Vespa?

And then putting it onto a stock cylinder. If I had a kit the mounting wouldn't be an issue, no?

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