carb upgrading.

i was wondering about how big i should go if i want to upgrade my carb on my puch maxi. im very likely to be putting a 70cc speed kit on it next spring but my current carb is way leaky and my school is getting pissed about it leaking by the bike racks. i was thinking about a 19.5 delarto. what do you suggest?

Re: carb upgrading.

Can't really go wrong with the 15mm or 19mm Bing. They are just about as simple and reliable as it gets.

CHEAP too at

Easy to get a jet kit on ebay as'll definitely have to upjet.

Re: carb upgrading.

I suggest you make sure to get an expansion exhaust. Kit and big carb on stock exhaust is not going to be great.

Re: carb upgrading.

a 19 will be too big with the stock jug, your low end will blow donkey nuts. just buy a good petcock and shut your fuel off, save your money for when you get the kit and then get the 19.

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