Bottom Bog

When i at a complete stop and i give it a little gas it sometimes feels as if it is getting to much air and not enough gas.

I have a malossi filter, 19mm phbg dellorto carb, 70cc polini, and a biturbo pipe.

on a garelli rally sport

i am running a #104 jet.

to big or to small

Re: Bottom Bog

There's more than just the main jet.

Re: Bottom Bog

idle jet #60

Re: Bottom Bog

go a little bigger. i drilled the #60 pilot jet in mine, and it got better.

Re: Bottom Bog

thanks vic you rule.

sorry i didnt make it to NY. I was flying stand by and i couldnt even get out of minneapolis.

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yo ayo jay, how is that jetting wroking fo you? I've built up a similar set up, on my gransport, put in a 105 main jet, but I still have that mid #60 in it, Did you end up going bigger on that one, and did you change out the idle jet?


20mm phbg

20 mm intake

malossi wedge lookin filter similart to velocity stack maybe?

stock header pipe with techno boss

Re: Bottom Bog

I didn't wind up doing anything yet. Jets are in the mail.

Are set ups are so similar


19mm phbg

19mm intake

malossi filter. red line series with elbow style

stock header welded to a 2 piece bi turbo.

is your shit done

i am throwing a 30 tooth on the back and porting.

i am some where in the mid upper 40's

where you at and why don't you try to get in with the bombardment society. I know those kids like brothers jake and brian.

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Hey I Also Have A Similar Setup,

70cc polini

high torque head

20mm intake

20mm phbg

stock header, with biturbo exp.

i hit 40 on flats, have goo torque from and idle, but if im slowing to a stop then start to go it bogs down. i have a main jet at 94 though with alot of plug chops. ut i dont know whrere to get the other jets to tune it out better. but also after running at WOT, after a while it falls flat on its face, i think my float isnt adjusted properly, but i dont know how to set it, because when i do change it either i suffer more bottom end bogging, or less time of WOT, before it falls down again. all i do is shut if off, let the fuel on for a few seconds, then start it again, if i ride with 60-90% throttle, it doesnt hit the bog, or drop off when going down the road, but it does, bog down, if i stop or slow down and re-throttle heavily.

my front sprocket is a 10T, i want to get i think 11 or 24, but counter with a bit on the rear, but i dont know where or what to get for either, and suggestions would be good. i am also planning on CDI, from what i gather the bosch mineralli should work since both garelli and minerall use the same cev and such italian parts.

also my spark plug is an ngk b8hs

and what are you talking about porting what out? the intake port is just about 20 mm, and i know the exhaust port on the "block" is larger than the stock header pipe is. it would almost be point less, now a good polish job for smoothing could make a differance.

oh yes just as an fyi i have a 78 SSXL

ATT: ayejay Re: Bottom Bog

Did you get your jets figured out?, I still havent completely resolved my tuning issues, I've got more jets in the mail. I see 1977 is now carrying pilot jets and idle jets, I'm thinking about trying to get a few of those to mess around with the lower throttle range. To me it seems like the whole piece runs super rich up untill full throttle... this is assuming I get it to actually open up at full throttle. I motor just gets drowned most of the time when I open it up and will often persist to four-stroke at open throttle, and emits pop corn popping noise out of the muffler. I've been told this is when a sufficient amount of fuel gets into the pipe and ignites. I have that #60 pilot in mine, Vic mentioned drilling out the 60 jet, but I feel as though my 60 jet is just too big and too much fuel is getting in there befor i can get it to full throttle. The mix screw is all of the way in and the needle is dropped all of the way down.

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A.j. are you still interested in the pepi? Send me an email.

Re: ATT: ayejay Re: Bottom Bog

ayejay mia

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