Moby 50 vs 51 rear suspension

Just wondering if anyone compared the rear suspension setup of a 50V to an MBK 51. The MBK mounts the rear shock more forward resulting in a longer rear spring. Im wondering things like whether additional support is welded on, and if the swing arm is the same length.

Id also be interested in ANY differences between a 50 and a 51. I know the motors are different, anything else?


Re: Moby 50 vs 51 rear suspension

The most I know is that the frames look somewhat similar but I think the MBK 51's are more like the Motobecane 51 frames (i.e. boxy) and the 51 has a rectangular swing arm frame where as the 50's have a tube. I could only assume that the rear suspension has been beefed up in every catagory.

What I am interested in is if the MBK swing arm will fit a 50 frame. My guess is yes.

Re: Moby 50 vs 51 rear suspension

I thought the MBK 51 frames were like Motobecane 50V frames and NOT like Motobecane 51 frames.

Re: Moby 50 vs 51 rear suspension

the swingarms on the 51 frame and the 50v frame are the same length. the squareish swingarm came on the MBK magnum. as far as i know there arent many other differences. an MBK swingarm will fit a 50v frame.

Re: Moby 50 vs 51 rear suspension

my 51 is the same as a 50, just with plastic boxy shit on the tank.

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