Re: Yet another Reason AV7's can't go fast.

_And what options are there for crankshafts for the AV7? Only ones Im aware of are the Doppler and the stock AV10._

and if the stock AV10 crankshaft fits and is considered an "upgrade" from the stock AV7 crankshaft (which its not) then logic follows that aftermarket cranks for the AV10 such as the malossi, doppler ER1 and Endurance, the Conti, and bidalot will also fit, and work with the AV7 provided you switch to CDI.

Re: Yet another Reason AV7's can't go fast.

stock av10 crank is a champ, its got roller bearings and everything, no need to upgrade unless u r due for a rebuild anyway.

that magneto was kinda messed up too since a few weeks ago my condensor broke from the housings and was rattling around in there munching it.

also one of the coil bolts rattled loose and was also munching around in there a month or so back.

the magneto was seated properly.

i don't think 2 ball variator was the problem, and i'm still runnning that.

keep in mind it broke on a cold foggy night after a 30 mile ride of intense stress on the engine while pushing bikes up step mountains for miles, and miles of WOT around and above 50mph, the crank itself must have been very hot while the cold water filled air was cooling the hell outta the spinning magneto.

i wouldn't weld anything to the magneto since i think heating it that much would change the composition of the metal and cause a fracture easier.

also those magnetos are all semi off balence, doubt this will ever happen to anyone else.

i am still using the points setup with a new magneto and i doubt it will ever happen again.

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