so over the winter i want to put some time and money into my sachs G-3. ive been reading around these forums and talking to a few guys about fixing my stock motor until it gets to cold. i have successfully gotten it running.

but i want it to go faster. i dont know if i should kit the engine on it now or put a different motor on it. im not a purist, so it doesnt bother me to have another peds motor on my bike. i would have a porsche motor in my vw if i could afford it.

and ideas?

Re: sachsgestions

Start with a carb and a pipe, always.

Re: sachsgestions

thow a kit on that bi### the only problem with the G3 is it is difficult to find a smaller rear spocket.

Re: sachsgestions

i think Chris @ has the smaller rear,, i bought a 42 from him

Re: sachsgestions

what carb should i get? thats my first thing. mine just rains gas everywhere even after total overhaul. where can i get one cheap? my stock was a 12mm bing but it has a 14mm intake. i havent looked at pipes at all.

Re: sachsgestions

if you guys want, the Tomos 22 rear sprocket will work, or at least that is what the guys said at 1977mopeds

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