give up?, puch 2sp polini, no low, rpm related?

David Ciao /
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but there is so much more than just that to it.

this is a polini kit that was seized before i got it, honed, ran really well, but i was lazzzzy on the chamfering, and WAY lazy on fixing that even after i realized, so i then broke a ring in the kit.

smoothed it out again, chamfered a ton, probably too much in some places, there is one little discoloration of a groove left where the ring had cut into it as well.(which could be smoothed out more, but at this point i am worried about having an oblong cylinder)(would that be a HUGE problem?)

so i know there are already some of you out there who are saying its dead

but anyway, i got a new ring and put it together and its been.. spotty

worked ok, didnt work ok, i fucked with the timing, and had ONE awesome run, then decided to tweak it more, so lost that setting, but also stripped a cylinder nut during that run so now had air leak problems.

put it back together, new stud

and sometimes it runs ok, sometimes it dies on idle, i think there are no air leaks left, but the last time it was reallly leaky for some reason, everywhere killed it with carb cleaner, even after being cleaned and redone and let sit for 24 hours before final tighten or run.......(silicone)

but then there are the good times.

when i have enough speed from momentum or pedaling to get the rpms high enough, the damn thing TEARS (14 bing, proma gp pipe) then pops into second, looses rpms for a second, holds back, hits the spot again and is offffffffffffffff.

but i live in san francisco so most of the time i hit a hill, i pedal as much as i can, i get just to decent rpms, the bike kicks in, pulls me up the hill, accelerating till the 2nd speed shift, but then my rpms drop and i am dead(still running actually but no ability to move me forward respectably)

i know i know, the kit is dead, but i still want to try. it can work, i have felt it, i need to raise compression or its something i am not thinking of.. i dont know.. any suggestions? how to get to higher rpms? how to change things so the pipe kicks in sooner? the cylinder is already used, so its not like i could make things worse porting something if anyone has any ideas....


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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