50/50 represent!

Just did a gps run on my 50cc motobecane av10 40. I pulled 54.3mph on flat ground. Any other 50/50 peeps out there?

Re: 50/50 represent!

im looking forward to using mike rafters GPS at the rally. ive got a puch thats doing 43mph with 15x45 gearing. im hoping to hit 50 or close to it with 16x45 gearing. we will see i guess.

Re: 50/50 represent!

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

no gips, cant tell.

i did hit 50 on a road sign speed trap

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i think we should start a '1/2 ton club', the same way rockers had the 'ton up' club back in the day, for mopeds and riders that are confirmed to go 50 or over. i dunno if kitted >50cc bikes would be allowed or not, but it would be pretty sweet to have some way of recognising the true elite.

Re: 50/50 represent!

I think Graham has a good idea, i just need 16 more miles to get there....

Re: 50/50 represent!

Yeah I thought about a 1/2 ton club too.

Seeing as how the original Ton Club was guys who founds the biggest engine around and crammed it into the best frame they could find, I think a little engine modification is the whole point.

Re: 50/50 represent!

The patch should be with gold thread if your claim of 50+ mph is proven with a summons..:p

Re: 50/50 represent!

i think 50cc kits are cheating

seattle has one 50/50, and more that are getting super close..

Re: 50/50 represent!

Is using a tomos engine cheating?

Re: 50/50 represent!

50 plus mph out of 50cc's is rad.

Re: 50/50 represent!

no more than using a french engine?

Re: 50/50 represent!

I'm not saying using a french engine is cheating, but i don't see the difference between swapping in a better motor to your magnum and swapping a better top end onto my AV10. What level of modification is okay, and what is not?

I would tune AV7 cylinders all day long if i could find any, any at all, of the fast model cylinders that don't have stripped exhaust ports. It's not my fault motobecane restricted their bikes in the engine porting instead of the carburetor and pipe.

Re: 50/50 represent!

fast 50's should be restricted to same top end that came off the bottom end, so if youre a puch guy, use a puch cylinder, no speed kits, tomos uses tomos, motobecane use motobecane, if it was made by the manufacturer and was sold as a "factory unit" on a bike and not as an "upgrade" id say its "legal"

Re: 50/50 represent!

Restricted by whom? We're not talking about a standardized racing system, with rules. Besides, wouldn't a system like that favor bikes that had were built with better cylinders than other models, just as the modification system benefits those who have better 50cc kits available?

Why not no performance parts allowed at all? Just whatever you can modify/build yourself from existing parts.

I mean, i run in kitted categories, happily, with my 50cc kit, because even though the displacement is low, it's faster down the course than many many 50+cc kits.

Plus, we were talking about a 1/2 ton club, which is for everyone that can run 50 on 50, regardless of engine. If you do it on a stock cylinder, you'll get more respect for that.

Re: 50/50 represent!

av7s can't go 50mph i just sheared my av7 points magneto going 50 on my yellow bike, i run the old 70's usa av7 points on a new 90's or 00's av10 engine with a 70 kit, the parts from the usa moby just can't handle those speeds.

ps doppler kit ain't cheating, 50cc is 50cc. whether u mod stock cylinders or buy a kit its the same 50cc.

would paying somone else to mod my top end count me out if i then went 50 on a 50??? sounds like buying a"kit" to me.

Re: 50/50 represent!

I think if it has 50cc and an automatic trans then its awesome.

Re: 50/50 represent!

i didnt mean restricted as a "rules apply" but 50mph out of a 50cc kit isnt very impressive

to me a fast 50 is a stock cylinder (ported) a pipe and carb/intake

soon as you bolt a kit on, its a bolt on kit, therefore kitted

Re: 50/50 represent!

u can't bolt a 50cc kit onto a moby and hit 50mph, the mobys that do that are highly tuned and require tonnes of more work than that.

i do respect the 50mph porting as well, even more so, but the amount of work it takes to get a 50cc moby to 50mph is by no means an easy feat either.

Re: 50/50 represent!

Стев Браун /

Erik, the speeds you hit on that 50cc AV10 are pretty sick! Much respect to the Mobys.

I've got a 50cc JCP Pinto project going on. I'll make sure to bring this thread back up when I finish on it and get some numbers.

Re: 50/50 represent!

my take on this...if you go fast you took the time and/or money to get there! fast is fast, i don't care if you have a bike frame with a motor you made, or you bought a performance ped, that was already modded. you seek the glory! if you go fast, and can hang, you deserve the respect. if YOU were the one who put the blood sweat and tears into building the engine, you deserve even MORE respect! I like anyone that has the balls to hit 50 on a moped, and i respect the man that built the thing even more! if they are one in the same! MAD RESPECT!

my $.02

Re: 50/50 represent!

regardless if it wont go 50mph with a 50cc kit, its still a kit

Re: 50/50 represent!

Fuck all that shit. Lets race

Re: 50/50 represent!

my take on this.....

If we were to have some sort of 50/50 club. i think any moped 50cc moped engine should count. slapping a kit on is not as easy as we all make it sound. it still takes a lot of work. hell, 75% of the people on moped army with a polini still cant hit 50mph.

i do think that you should get MAD props for doing it on stock parts though. either way, if you hit 50 on a 50 you should get to join. the rules should be something close to this.


automatic 1 or 2 speed MOPED transmission

Any pipe

any carb

any intake

any electrical

even with rules like that not many people will be able to accomplish the task. my potential 50/50 uses ALL stock parts except the exhaust. but in the future i do plan on using a 50cc athena reedvalve, a big ass carb and a HPI ignition.

Re: 50/50 represent!

what about 60mph on 50cc??

Re: 50/50 represent!

i was kinda kidding about the 50cc kit thing, though it seems with a 50cc kit, a lot of the hard work is done for you already.. but still. 50cc is 50cc.

ps, putting a tomos on a magnum just makes the tomos motor slower! magnums are heavy. what ever my magnum can do, a real tomos could do better.. it just wouldn't look as cool is all.

sorry brett! i didn't mean to step on toes!

and steve, you wanna? i wanted to last night, but there were always cars in the way and i couldn't tell if you were into it or not..

Re: 50/50 represent!

50 out of a 50cc kit is plenty impressive. Furthermore, whats the difference between a kit and a stock cylinder? Porting? Big deal. So its ok to use a stock cylinder and port it to be identical to a kit, but its not ok to just use the kit? Makes no sense.

Re: 50/50 represent!

So by your opinion Harold, the original poster isnt allowed in this club since he doesnt have a 1 or 2 speed transmission.

Re: 50/50 represent!

mobys r considered "2 speed" stock they jump off the line like 1st gear in a 2speed and then have a lul when the variator is opening very similar to the lul when a 2 speed hits second gear, thes are all stock occurences.

50mph 50cc only rule, and it's gotta be a moped, weather somthing is a moped or not should be judged on an individual level.


Re: 50/50 represent!

"So by your opinion Harold, the original poster isnt allowed in this club since he doesnt have a 1 or 2 speed transmission."

no, dont take it so literally. did you really think i mean that or are you just trying to start an argument.

what i meant is someone cant use engines like the negrini 3 speed manual, a minarelli p6, a monza 4sl, an x50 3m or garelii rekord 6 speed.

all of those engines technically are MOPED ENGINES, but multiple gears like that makes it wayyyyy too easy.

its just a big grey area. just like if you wanted to. you could take a totally stock puch 1 speed. put a homoet on it and change the gearing to 18x40. yeah you would probably hit close to 50 but thats all in the gearing. you would probably need a rolling start but you could do it. i think its pretty obvious that that is not exactly a mechanical achievement.

Re: 50/50 represent!

OK I get that you want to make illegal 3spd and higher transmissions.

I am not trying to start an argument.

But for example, if someone uses a Moby with a variable pulley, like the one posted a little while ago, that would be a huge advantage (easily as much as a 3 spd) .

What about non automatic mopeds? I cant see it fair to not allow someone who happens to have a non auto moped to be dis qualified.

Also, was there ever a moped with a 3spd transmission? If there was, I think it should be legal.

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