Carb vs Pipe

will getting a pipe increase performance more than getting a bigger carb? basically i'm trying to increase performance but keep the bike looking stock. i have a slow kromag and i'm looking to shave down the head, do some port work and get a bigger carb and maybe play with the gearing.

Re: Carb vs Pipe

The BEST performance upgrade you can do to a 2 stroke is an expansion pipe. Period.

Not only is the power increase greater than any other upgrade (not counting big bore kits), but emissions is greatly reduced and fuel economy is increased.

If your concerned about looks, then do whatever you gotta do. But if you want the best upgrade for your bike, one which not only greatly increases power, but also pushes unburnt fuel back into the combustion chamber which would otherwise pass out the exhaust as raw fuel, then get an expansion pipe.

Re: Carb vs Pipe

The tecno boss is an ok pipe, and it's the closest I've found to one that looks stock. I'm currently running one on my kromag. I also went from a 12mm carb and intake to a 14mm, but I don't think it did a whole lot, not nearly as much as the pipe did.

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