Madass / Trickster

I am a newbie that just purchased a Xkeleton Trickster which I guess is a knock off of a Sachs Madass. 2 questions if I may:

1. I read that there is a restrictor of some kind that can be removed to increase top speed, anyone know what or where ?

2. Anyone know where I can find performance parts, like exhaust, and engine, or anything to increase the speed.

Maybe I am in the wrong forum ???

Re: Madass / Trickster

type in madass into youtube and there is tons of vids a few show where the restriction is, Its CDI wise and exhaust wise. Of course thats on the true madass my guess is your engine may not be the same so iono

Re: Madass / Trickster

madass's use the same engine as crf50s and xr50's

you can find complete bolt on engines up to 138cc that are cheaper than most upgrades.

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