Pedal Mods: Estoril on a magnum?

can anybody describe / post pictures of the mounting position and bracket used to get an estoril on a magnum?

and maybe some ways of getting around my pedal problems? thanks

Re: Pedal Mods: Estoril on a magnum?

shouldn't be any pedal problems on a magnum

Re: Pedal Mods: Estoril on a magnum?

bryan- this is kind of a caveman approach to mounting this pipe, i'm sure others have more sophisticated methods, but it's easy and it works surprisingly well. just use strap for hanging auto exhausts, the arm and the tab on the pipe work together to hold it from moving back and forth.



Re: Pedal Mods: Estoril on a magnum?

i basically had the same problem getting my mamba pipe on my baretta. i took a flat 1/8" thick piece of steel and drilled two holes into it. one hole goes to the pipe, the other hole goes to the bike. easy peazy japaneezy.

Re: Pedal Mods: Estoril on a magnum?

just ran into that last week. If you take off the bracket that holds the silencer one (the one with the large hex bolt). You will notice that the silencer will likely move closer the the expansion chamber. I slotted the holes on the clamp that holds the silencer, and it now sits almost an inch closer to the bike. I also made a bracket out of 1/8" steel that was z shaped connecting the bracket on the bike to the bracket on the pipe. The other thing that could help if you do those and you are still having problems you can buy shorter crank arms.

Re: Pedal Mods: Estoril on a magnum?

1/8th steel bracket for sure. all it takes is a hacksaw and a drill dude.

Re: Pedal Mods: Estoril on a magnum?

So....I'm trying to put my new Estoril on my stock Magnum head.

I knew going in that the E50 port is a mod was needed. I cut off the mounting port bracket and ground down the welds.

Now I have it back together and it wasn't quite right. I'm going to have to cut it a loss of around 3/4 inch of pipe off the front end.

Is this going to effect th pipe?

And has anyone else cut and rewelded these things? AM I going to totally fuck this thing up?

Re: Pedal Mods: Estoril on a magnum?

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

I have cut and re-welded, but I lost maybe .25 inch at most of the pipe. 3/4 an inch shouldn't be horrible. It should not affect it as badly as not matching the port on the cylinder, that will really change your performance.

Re: Pedal Mods: Estoril on a magnum?

Ok - that's great to hear.

My buddy, Randy said that these pipes are specially tuned to exact dimensions....any change and you'll start losing performance bigtime.

I'm going to rechop today and try to do a better weld. I think Helen Keller could have done a better job than my last attempt.

Time to learn TIG welding. This MIG stuff, while easy, isn't a real exact deal.

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