14 tooth VS 15 tooth front sproket

So how much of a difference will it make if I change from a 15 to a 14 tooth? I think the rear is a 42 tooth. I'm running a polini reedvalve kit on an E50 and it screams, just has no balls.

Re: 14 tooth VS 15 tooth front sproket

it will make a slight difference. but it will not make shit your pants or anything.

Re: 14 tooth VS 15 tooth front sproket

Maybe 2-3 mph loss. Better off shaving the head for more torque, and leave the sprocket.

Re: 14 tooth VS 15 tooth front sproket

Already have a high torque head.

Re: 14 tooth VS 15 tooth front sproket

Well, sprokets are so cheap I'm just gonna see what happens. 2-3 mph off the top doesn't bother me at all.

Re: 14 tooth VS 15 tooth front sproket

Shave the high torque head. Down to the fins.

Re: 14 tooth VS 15 tooth front sproket

I ran a 14 tooth and a 16 tooth on my Polini kits, and the 14 seems likes its dragging too much, geared too low.

I have two port matched polini's, both with 15mm bings, one with Techno Circut, and the other with Techno Estroil. Both cases ran very comparable when I had bullet exhausts on both. I put the Estroil on one and the Circut on the other, and after jetting, the Circut exhaust bike needed a 14 tooth sprocket to keep up in acceleration to the Estroil, but it fell on it's face too soon, the engine was revving too high for low cruising speed. The whole point of this is to say, I'd say if you want more acceleration, get a torquey pipe like the Estroil, not reduce your gearing. OR get a 4 petal reed valve and 20mm carb! Wow! Of course, gears are 5 bucks, instead of $200+.

Re: 14 tooth VS 15 tooth front sproket

Yeah, I don't mid spending a few bucks on a gear. I've hadmy eye on the 4 petal setup but really I'm not a speed demon. I'm into drivability more than top end am I'm happy cruising 35mph with a little to spare.

my stats with different gearing

I run a 15/40

78 Pinto

High compression head (50cc one not 70cc)

Polini reed valve

15mm bing

78 jet (need some adjustment on that)

Techno Estrol pipe (I dont use pedals on the Pinto. I have 11 other bikes with Pedals, I think I can remove them on one of them without getting shit from retarded moped purists) Keep watching this guy till he puts a Puch one up:


Take off is great. Vast improvement on takeoff when I went from biturbo to Techno Estrol.

with 16/40 I was clocked at 48mph

Id say I lost about 3mph with the 15 tooth but it also gave me better takeoff.

I can run from the Baltimore Nebri with more uumphh now.

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