Best solution to air leak at the exhaust port?

Techno estoril pipe on a puch.

It worked fine on the stock cilinder, but put on this polini and it's leakin' air.

Super loud, can feel it if I poke around down there, it seems that the back end of where the pipe hooks up isn't sealing with the top, I can make it less-horid if I unscrew the pipe and pull the back end up a bit.

Replaced gasket, still bad.

Two gaskets? Torch/bend the pipe?

It feels like it should seat better.

Sorry for making a new post for the sameish problem, but finding out what the problem was was mainly a solo experience on my own post, and now I've got it mostly narrowed down.


Re: Best solution to air leak at the exhaust port?

Cleats Onionpockets /

Run two gaskets, and tighten the bajeezus out of the nuts holding it down.

Re: Best solution to air leak at the exhaust port?

I was sorta hoping that'd be a viable solution, I know someone has extra gaskets down here.

I just wish they hadn't used those brass nuts. I know it might be for rusting issues, but it have such horid luck with stripping them.

Re: Best solution to air leak at the exhaust port?

Hey, this happens a lot.

Take the exhaust studs out of the Polini and go to the hardwear store with them.

Buy allen head bolts that are the same length and thread. Use one new gasket and the allen bolts. Also make sure the exhaust you are using has a nice flat surface at the mount. If it is convex, hammer the edges till they lie closer to flat. Those Techno Pipes work great and never seem to mount up just right. Expect your pedal to hit it too. It's woth the hassle if you get a lil clever for the work arounds.

Re: Best solution to air leak at the exhaust port?

Yup, gaskets solved it, as well as replacing the brass bolts with ones that didn't strip so easy. I'll find allen head bolts for it tomorow, had to get it going for a ride tonight.

Didn't have to hammer it anymore, though by the end of the ride it was getting some air out through the gaskets again, not enough to give that super-harley sound, but enough for a 'pop' now and then.

Man, it's beastly. Climbs hills way better, and all I'm doing is blipping it as I break in the Polini.

Tempation.. rising.. gah. Can't wait for that magical 200.

Thanks for the help guys.


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