garelli exhaust fitting?!?!?

Hello everybody. Heres the deal. I bought a techno bullet exhaust off of treat, and I was wondering what should I do to make it fit. Does anyone have any positive pipe fitting experiences for garellis, or any custom application fitting for Garelli exhaust whatsoever. The bullet exhaust is made for puch which has an exhaust port thats parallell to the ground (straight, flat whathave you). On the Garelli motors, the exhaust port is at a slight angle, maybe 15 degrees with teh port pointing to the back of the bike. So what do I do, cut it and reweld, or would it be too risky to try to just bend it it out to match up? heres a diagram __ <--(puch pipe flange) / <-----(garelli exhaust port, not not such a radicle angle.

Re: garelli exhaust fitting?!?!?

use the stock header

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