start it find but on full gas i get back fire . i no air filter it blow it out when backfire . plus on full gas it sounds like it no power.

Re: backfire

Start with a new plug and see if that does it.


Re: backfire

ok, but this plug two days ago can it go bad that fast

Re: backfire

Is this a reed valve engine? If it is I'd say that your reed is screwed.

Otherwise check for a horribly misadjusted spark timing.

Re: backfire

check the plug gap

Re: backfire

Cleats Onionpockets /

It also sounds a lot like you have either a terrible air leak or perhaps your timing is waay too late. That happened to me when I tried to put a 70cc kit on my bike, turned out to be that I needed to advance the timing a bit.

Re: backfire

ok' so to advance. do i move the plate. or regap the point

Re: backfire

elfinbloodwillflowforever /

i would check the points,

my pinto was doing the same thing, and that was the problem.


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