Korado carb on a Sachs?

I Tweaked out my G3 today, I pulled the carb Cleaned it, changed out the Petcock and changed to rear gear from 46 to 42,,,11X42 Also, removed the rear inside baffle ,Pipe now sounds like a 2 stroke should.

She Still pulls hard off the line, BUT, she's 4 stroking on topend ( I don't have jets yet)

Gotta tell ya, this ped did maybe 20 to 22mph Tops when I got it,, after todays work, It feels like it's pulling 28 to 30mph (no speedo)But, I know she's got more in her it's just I think the carb is WAY TOO small. it's a 12mm ( a Small 12mm) lol Nothing like the Puch 12mm.

anyways, I'm wondering if the Korado 14mm bing would fit? it looks like the same design carb.

( I just don't know if I want to deal with a Round bing sitting crooked on a cool looking ped)


Re: Korado carb on a Sachs?

bore out the jet ,carb and intake.

where did you get the rear gear!?

once i get my gear im set,right now this thing revs so high its scary

Re: Korado carb on a Sachs?

Nah,, don't want to Bore out the stock parts. Thanks

got the sprocket from MopedWarehouse a few months ago, for Something else,, it just happened to fit.

Well I guess that's it,,,?

Re: Korado carb on a Sachs?

is it?

Re: Korado carb on a Sachs?

must be

Re: Korado carb on a Sachs?

Yup, that's it.

Re: Korado carb on a Sachs?

🎨🏆 Duncan /

Man, I didn't even know that the korado's stock carb was a 14mm. I thought my old korado was abnormally fast for just a biturbo exhaust (which came on it) but I later discovered that it also had a 17mm carb, presumably from a puch x50 or whatever that little dirt bike is called. My korado went 45mph and smoked my friends targa lx with a biturbo and jet, and this was like 7 years ago. I always assumed it was the cdi not realizing the carb had been changed. Enlightening.

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