Ape Hangers

How do I put Ape Hangers on a fa50? I can splice the electrical, where do I get the cables for the brakes, throttle, and choke?

My noped wiill rock once this is done.

Re: Ape Hangers

J to the K to the M /

Some guy told me to do this to my FA50, has anyone else done it?

Port one of them to the moon. Raise the exhaust, lower the intake, shorten the skirt on the intake side of the piston. Turn the head in a lathe and reduce the combustion chamber volume. Get an expansion chamber off of a little hot rod 2 stroke 50 of some sort, cut it up and weld it together so it looks kind of custom. Chuck the carb up in a lathe and bore that sucker out about 10-15 % bigger than the standard bore. Rejet accordingly. We did that. It wouldn't take off, but if you skateboard style paddled with your foot, once it came on the pipe, I bet it did almost 60. Fun, fun, fun.

Re: Ape Hangers

hmm raising and lowering ports.. sounds like someone saying "here practice making boat anchors".... messing with ports other then matching them is tricky and should be left for experianced or very rich i don't care what anyone says..

shaving the head in a lathe would up compression so not to dangerous there.. making the carb a larger bore? why not just get a bigger bore carb that don't require you to bore it out.. and the part of having to paddle it to get it to move is funny.. if you need to assist it onto the pipe with your feet you got a problem..

Re: Ape Hangers

rounder and wider are safe bets wen it comes to porting, anything up or down changes timing, and will result in less torque and more top end revs. also remember a few mm here and there is better than strait up making ur exhuast huge. also how much could jug really cost $20 max, so its not too expensive if u really fuck it up witch is hard to do if ur carful and read up 1st.

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