Puch 65cc metrakit cylinder gasket

ok i take it there are not many ppl running the metrakit 65cc.

the instuctions are in spanish only.like florida mcdonalds

ok so the kit come with 3 cylinder gaskets,they are thick aluminum.

so i take it these gaskets are for tuneing the intake and exhast duration by raising the cylinder this will raise the port windows allowing more fuel mix intake. more exhaust ?

i am running one gasket at the moment and this thing just out right screams!

it seems like with 3 gaskets i get engine noise,but that was before i ported it out.

Re: Puch 65cc metrakit cylinder gasket

Ben Van Zoest /

On what brand ped is't and how thick are the spacer gaskets?

Re: Puch 65cc metrakit cylinder gasket

there was just a post about this the other day

use the search function

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