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I have just collected some of the final parts to put my a35 motor together, I need some assistance finding an intake that will fit on the kit I have , which is the Athena 70cc , with a 21mm carb. For the angle of the motor will make it difficult for the carb to sit right behind the head. I have thought about getting the 20mm intake of of 1977 and having someone custom fab on that one to make one that will fit the port. It seems that I have hit a dead end at this point, but i still have more to read on tuning. Are there any seals or gaskets that I would have to change when upgrading to a kit? If anyone can help drop me a line........

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I would suggest reposting your question without the words "S.O.S" or "yo" in the subject line.

As a brief answer to your question, I would simply make my own.

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Ben Van Zoest /

For one thing you could cut the tube at the flange and and re-attach at 90deg to the side, depending on the metal of course.

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