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Just ordered a new MadAss today and I've been searching high & low for performance parts for this bike. They're relatively new in the American marketplace but I believe they've been on sale in Europe for a year or two so where are all the performance parts? I did see one site which listed a larger head kit (damn, I should've bookmarked it) and intakes/carbs shouldn't be much of a problem to dig up but I've yet to see any exhaust systems for this bike. Anything like the Technogas or BiTurbo models that are available for my Tomos? I'd be grateful for any help ya'll can provide.

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Its a 4 stroke so an expansion chamber wont do any good like it will on a regular moped. The engine is a honda style engine meaning that there are plenty of parts that could potentially fit. Parts like 120cc motors, bore kits, huge carbs, ect.

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stregit pipe will make u go faster, as will bigger valves , turbo, supercharger, bigger carb, smoothed ports, lighten it up, lean over when riding, cafe style handle bars bla bla bla

Re: Sachs/Tomberlin/Guangzou MadAss Performance Pa

Re: Sachs/Tomberlin/Guangzou MadAss Performance Pa

dude, i just got a madass too. there are SHIT TONS of parts for them. they use the same engine as the z50 and the crf50. 2 of the most popular pit bikes ever.

dont buy the big bore kits. just buy a whole new engine. it is only like 50$ more lol. that way if anything breaks you have a spare engine. im actually taking the engine that came with my madass off and using it on a trike project.

this is the engine i got for the bike. 138cc oil cooled race engine. i think its 12-14 hp and does like 70-75 with stock gearing. im gonna gear low and make it top out at 55 and put all that power torwards torque.

i got the complete engine with cdi, carb, ect ect for 325 including shipping from longevity in San Francisco. they are a cool company thats not going to dissapear in 6 months,. they have warenties on all their parts and are very helpful. oh yeah and they have the best prices on the market. give them a call.

(415) 752-7774 they can hook you up.

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John Joedicke /

Harold is right on with the transplanting just a bigger engine. Definitely cheaper in the long run and all the work is done for you. Basically a bolt on performance boost.

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woooooooo! just checked DHL and its delivered. leaving work early to go play with it,

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woohooo it just got home. engine looks great, all the welds, the paint everything so far is terrific.

craziest shit is, i just compared this to a maxi frame and its very close. with 2 brackets and no welding this engine could easily be bolted into a puch frame. only tricky part would be intake manifold and the exhaust.

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Well, I just bought a 2006 Madass and have ordered a 125cc Lifan that has a lighting coil w/ a 4 speed automatic. After talking to Larry at Hooper Imports I think that it should be a fairly straight-forward swap.

The only issue I can see is that the Madass comes with a 4 wire CDI and the Lifan engine is a 5 Wire CDI. The extra wire on the Lifan is for a kill switch. The switch just takes the pin on the 5-wire CDI to ground to kill the engine.

Harold - Did you have any issues wiring your engine up?

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Larry at Hooper provided this document as I was considering the swap. I found it usefull. Credit to "The Happy Rider"

Sachs Madass 110cc Lifan Upgrade

Here are the steps you need to do to convert your anemic 50cc Jailing engine Madass , to a very peppy 110cc 7HP Lifan engine version. I used a 110cc Lifan engine, with an 4 down auto clutch transmission from Hooper Imports. For reasons explained below I preferred the 110cc, to the 125cc Lifan. I did not use an electric start model, but I did use the kick-start lever from the stock engine. This conversion is light years ahead of the still underpowered 70-80 cc upgrade kits offered for about the same cost!!!!

I chose the 110cc Lifan because you can keep EVERYTHING stock, except for the engine and CDI, and I did not want to have to change the stock exhaust. The 110cc Lifan gives you a top speed of about 50-60mph on the flats, with a 17 tooth front sprocket. Hooper Imports recommended a 17 tooth front sprocket for more top end. I ended up using a 16 tooth because of the many steep hills where I live, but in retrospect the 17 tooth would have been just fine. The Lifan comes with a 14 tooth front sprocket, but going to a 17 tooth one is much better with all the available power, even for very steep hills.

I encountered no major problems while doing the conversion, and it runs like a dream, with still very nice 100mpg + fuel mileage. The only difference from stock operation is that now the bike will start without the key ignition switch on, however the stock Madass engine kill switch does still control the engine. If you wanted the key to control the engine you have to add a small relay which grounds the blue and white wire coming from the engine kill switch, when the key switch is off.

When you order the Lifan engine you will need to order it with the Walbro carburetor offered by Hooper Imports, or other PZ 19 style, or Mikuni clone. The reason for this is: With this carb you DO NOT have to change anything on the throttle cable from stock, the carb which comes with the Lifan engine is to tall for the Madass frame, and requires modification to the throttle cable.

Now here is the meat:

Conversion Parts Needed:

1. 110 cc Lifan Engine

2. Walbro carb for 110cc engine, or other PZ 19 type

3. 12 Position Intake Head Adapter

4. 17 tooth front sprocket

5. 2 link Chain extension kit, with removable link to mount, from Hooper Imports, or your local Honda shop.

6. 5/16 inch SS bolt to mount the Lifan engine to the Madass frame, the stock bolt is too large.

Mechanical Conversion:

The 110cc Lifan engine mounts right on the Madass frame with only a long 5/16 inch SS bolt from the local hardware store required, for the top engine mount hole. But before mounting the engine, do the electrical stuff first!!! The Lifan crankcase cover will hit the Madass frame in the upper right corner; I just used a pair of tin snips to remove about

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Here are a couple of links for parts that I have found helpful...

http://www, - UK based tuner w/ lots of Madass Parts - good source for Lifan engines (He has up to a 140cc with lighting coils). - engine parts vendor

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I need to purchase a gas shut off valve for my Tomberlin Madass/2006.

Do you know where I might obtain this. It is a 49cc, I would also like to make it go faster....

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I read your post on parts for Tomberlin Madass.

I have called , but had to leave a msg., the voice msg. that i got when I called this number was "Longivity" , is that the name of the co?


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True, but you have take into consideration the electrical side of the house. From what I've read it's a nightmare. I going for the 88cc tune kit and Ass pipe from It will arrive next week and is truly a bolt on. I'll report my install experience and how it performs. If it's not adequate--I'll look at the LIFAN option.

Has anyone done the LIFAN themselves?

Sachs/Tomberlin/Guangzou MadAss Performance Parts

Check out I have spoken with the guys there for the past week and ordered an 88cc performance tune kit and the "Ass Pipe". They say I'll get 45 mph cruising and 55 top speed with lots more off the line. I should receive it next week.

Be careful if you get a 140cc LIFAN engine. Great engine I read but the install gets complicated with the electrical side of the house.

Hope that helps.

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