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Anyone ever notice on the A35 engine that an Airsal kit with a stock head just BARELY even fits?

I measured the sealing diameter of the Airsal to be 45.85mm But the outer diameter of the stock head surface was only about 47.2 mm diameter. That Ain't much!

Also, I found that my mysterious engine knock went away by adding base gaskets. So I added enough base gaskets to completely get rid of the knock. Unfortunately my engine had absolutely NO power, so I tried something different.

Right now I'm running a head gasket made out of gasket material. I noticed a considerable loss in low end power, but I definatly gained some high end speed back.

When I ran with not base gasket, and no head gasket the engine would misfire like crazy at high rpms. Now it has almost completely stopped, and doesn't even begin till much higher rpms than before.

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does this mean i should buy an athena kit?

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Cleats Onionpockets /

No, just get the 70cc head as well as the kit. Or, get a dremel tool and enlarge your head dome area so it doesn't hit. Those kits have the same problem with puch engines, and I was able to fix it by enlarging the dome diameter of my stock 50cc head.

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When you dremeled out you head, what shape did you make it?

I assuming that you did not change the height, but changed the opening size to match the opening size of the Airsal.

But if I do that, there will be very little metal left to come in contact with the surface of the kit. Did you run into this problem as well? Is it strong enough only having that little bit of metal left?

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so, which kit is ideal to get? the airsal? i have been told that they have many problems (this being 1 prob)

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Well, that head gasket that I made lasted about 2 days. Now I'm back to no head gasket and no base gasket.

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the head gasket and base gasket use are cuasing your compression ration to drop....

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so get a new head?

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