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Theres a 70cc airsal kit uynder part 759 at the moped shop. I was wondering if this would fit a Motobecane Cady's engine. The engine is an M1. The kit already says it fits model 7, 40, and 50, and I do believe the model 7 engine is similar to the M1 cady engine.

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hmmm. i don't think the serious modifications to the engine, moped frame and your wallet would be worth the increase in performance. you will also have to beef up the cady's clutch and change the gear ratio to make it go faster. i have modded my Cady by putting a pipe on it and removing the airbox. and it goes near 30mph. see attached image to see the modifications.

also the Cady was never meant to go fast. its simple designed frame might not take the added speed. also the brakes aren't very good on the Cady.


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THanks for the reply. I really apreaciate it. IF the compression on my Cady is too poor to run, I figured the first step I shall take is to replace the head gasket and to replace piston and rings. I dont think Im gonna put a performance kit on it now that I understand what t ype of moped it is. I do not have a pipe or airbox on it, and Im wondering if when I get it running that could cause damage. And is the CAdy pipe the same as the other motobecane pipes? SOmeone told me its different. Thanks again.

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Oh god, what a hideous monstrosity.

Re: Mod out a cady

why, thank you. :)

i love saying that

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the Cady pipe is alot different than the regular motobecane pipes. the cady has 2 studs that hold the exhaust pipe on, while the 40, 50 model have a threaded exhaust port that the pipe screws into.

the pipe that i have on my moped is a modded pocketbike exhaust that i purchased on ebay, cut up, and welded to fit the ped.

a performance exhaust will not hurt the motor if it is the right pipe for the right engine. and lso you will have to rejet your engine to not risk a lean air/fuel mixture. my Cady has a massive misfire that kinda richens the mixture to keep it running good. (backfires like crazy)

attached is an early version of the complete pipe i built.


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