techno estoril

at steves i saw a few exhausts techno estoral techno prima curcuit etc. are any of these pipes good and for what are they good for

are they better then bi turbo or technogas

Re: techno estoril

and is the hunter sport good

Re: techno estoril

,mf power pipes

Re: techno estoril

Walter Kravitz /


Re: techno estoril

couldyou give me alittle more info on them

Re: techno estoril

Smitty Smith /

From my experience, the Techno Estoril seems to have a broader powerband range than most.

I like the Proma Circuit pipes, because they are awesome for mid-range and high-RPM powerband. The Proma Circuit pipe does however have a somewhat disturbing "tinny" sound to it, but when the pipe begins to work, boy does it do its job!!!


Re: techno estoril

thanx for the info

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