help gearing please!!

my moped shifts pretty low around 15 mph how do i change that w/o loosing to much top speed

Re: help gearing please!!


Re: help gearing please!!

All mopeds I've ever ridden have shifted at 15mph... that's the shift-point.


Re: help gearing please!!

OMg this works on my revival great when you want to shift just kick the crank case once as hard as you can and it will shift up at 1 mph if you want it too. shift up kick the right shift down kick the left side.

Re: help gearing please!!

if it's a TTLX you can do 2 things:

#1. cut the 2nd gear spring to make it shorter. That'll raise the shift point and have no effect on your top speed,

#2. Install a bigger front sproket. Your clutch will still shift at the same engine RPM, but since you have a high ratio it will be faster than 15 mph.

it all depends on what you want to do.

Re: help gearing please!!

thanx for the info

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