Perf. Exhausts for Puch.

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Hey All!

I've done a search and haven't quite found what I was looking for even though it usually seems to be a common topic here, so sorry if it's already been asnwered too many times.

I'm searching for a new performance pipe and am looking at the ones off of 1977 mopeds.

I'm wondering how the Biturbo, Techno, and Bullet exhausts compare to eachother. On 1977 they are all about the same price exactly and I don't really know which one would be the best off of there.

How do they compare to eachother in terms of low end power or higher up speeds? Quality?



Re: Perf. Exhausts for Puch.


Ive used both a biturbo and now a techno estoril and I'd have to say I prefer the estoril as the midrange is beastly. These werent on the same engine though, Id may try a biturbo on my setup someday if I can score one real cheap

Re: Perf. Exhausts for Puch.

if money isnt an option go with the techno, its a much better constructed and designed unit, if you are on a budget or have a two-speed the biturbo will probably hack it. Take a look at the leovinci pipe too, i think mopedwarehouse sells them in the states, supposed to be a pretty nice pipe for midrange as well

I liked the Leo Vinci

it's an underbody exhaust though, but it was a decent compromise between low and high end power.

Re: I liked the Leo Vinci

isnt the techno the one that points kinda upward towards the seat? i thought that thing looked real cool but wouldent it be really close to ur leg? and i dont know how pegs would ever work either.

Re: I liked the Leo Vinci

no a techno is this pipe

i thinkt he pipe your thinking of is the mf power pipe

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