how do i know if i have afuel filter

i have a 2002 tomos revival and wanted to know if i have a fuel filter or not

Re: how do i know if i have afuel filter

well, the filter has to be between where the fuel is stored (in the fuel tank) and where it is mixed with air as it enters the engine (carburator) between those to parts on your moped you might find things like a fuel shut off valve (petcock) a piece of rubber hose about as big around as a pencle (fuel line) and you might even find a thing that looks like a filter (fuel filter) spliced in to your fuel line, then tend to range in size and shape, short large around ones, and long skinny ones.,GGLD:2003-42,GGLD:en&q=inline%20fuel%20filter&sa=N&tab=wi

there is a sample of what an inline fuel filter might look like.

I haven't seen it done on a moped yet, but some motorcycles had a sediment bowl as part of the petcock, mostly let grit settle out to the bottom, the carburator will do a simaler thing, also some of the bing carburators do this sneaky thing with a banjo bolt.,GGLD:2003-42,GGLD:en&q=banjo%20bolt&sa=N&tab=wi

where they hide a tinny little filter screen in the hollow part of the bolt that goes in to the carb, the bolt that holds the fuel line on, it's very sneeky.

Re: how do i know if i have afuel filter

Your tomos has 2 filters, one on the petcock and one in the carb fuel banjo.


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Re: how do i know if i have afuel filter

thanks guys for the help is it possible that it might be clogged

Re: how do i know if i have afuel filter

yes, the chances that it is cloged is there, the job of a fliter is to catch dirt particals, and there is only a finite amount of dirt a filter can catch befor becoming cloged, the question that should be asked is, how do you tell if it is cloged, and how do you fix a cloged filter, correct?

if you have fuel in your tank, and it's not coming out of the fuel line in a steady stream, then your filter is cloged, if you take the carb off, and remove the bottem of it, with the fuel line still atached, turn the fuel petcock on, and hold a tin can under the car, a steady flow of fuel shoudl come out of the carb, and fill the tin can.

Re: how do i know if i have afuel filter

if my filter was clogged is it possible that sometimse im getting gas and other times im not because i have been stalling whlle riding like 35

Re: how do i know if i have afuel filter

if you are stalling at wide open throttle, then it's most likely a partly blocked filter, the float bowl is not being filled as fast as it's being emptied, if it gets emptied to far, it stalls the engine just long enough for more gas to dribble in.

so take your filters appart, and clean them, also, you might want to drain your fuel tank, and put new clean fuel in there if you find alot of crud blocking your filters.

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