Puch Maxi: $1500 to spend.

no seriously. a guy contacted my roomate mcbain. he asked him to build him a 1500$ ped. We need some help on this cause that is a lot of money and im not sure how to spend it.

He wants a custom powder coating ($300)

Maxi frame ($150)

Mag Rims ($50-100)

Polini ($200)

Techno Estoril ($150)

Rebuilt e-50 ($150)

19mm Bing carb ($80)

New cables,throttle,grips,brakes ect ($100)

3-shoe clutch ($25)

Boost bottle ($30)

Can you think of anything else i am missing? we gotta let this guy know his options. I can't wait to build this ped. it is gonna be real fun. I really dont even want to charge the guy for labor. Basically i want to charge him for the retail prices of all the items. if we can get them cheaper (we can in some cases) then we might make a hundred each or something.

either way i want this guy to get his money's worth.

Re: Puch Maxi: $1500 to spend.

Why not go all out and pick up a Jolly Moto 70cc pipe. I think it might be your only chance to see it. That and a 80cc gilardoni reed valve kit. Why not give him every bit of performance. Other options are CDI 12v ignition $250. There are a lot of quick ways to spend 1500 on a moped

Re: Puch Maxi: $1500 to spend.

Why dose no one ever ask me to build them engines. Oh yea that's right IM NOT A POST WHORE :P.

Re: Puch Maxi: $1500 to spend.

This is where you should step up and "do it yourself" Only way you learn Anything in life is to do it yourself and learn from what you did. Me, I would have built it and took pictures for my photo book to show my new/other customers I get down the road. Good luck.

Re: Puch Maxi: $1500 to spend.

hmmm the guy doesnt want a crazy fast moped. plus we know polini's pretty well by now. i was considering the jolly moto pipe. would i get the 50cc or 75cc pipe?

Re: Puch Maxi: $1500 to spend.

If he doesn't want a crazy fast moped, why does he want to spend $1,500? Yo no comprende.

Re: Puch Maxi: $1500 to spend.

Cause he wants a Pimp ASS PED! he wants it to be fast obviously but isnt looking to set any land speed records if you know what i mean.

why not build a one off exhaust?

be kinda interesting to see a one off exhaust for the polini kit.

Re: why not build a one off exhaust?

Harry Barfield /

what about a flamer kit in th exhaust!!!!!!!!!!!!!thats pimp....or hydraulic or air suspension!!!!!

Re: why not build a one off exhaust?

Patrick Mattison /

yeah! like that custom bike they made on the discovery channel. insteasd of a kick stand, it lowered the bike onto the frame.

Re: why not build a one off exhaust?

disc brakes

Re: why not build a one off exhaust?

sure. you hook me up and tell me how to put them on lol.

Re: why not build a one off exhaust?

haha with 1500 dollars you can just tell it to put themselves on

Re: why not build a one off exhaust?

i see alot of mountain bikes with disc brakes. if you managed to get the discs fitted onto the wheel you can always weld mounts for the calipers.

Re: why not build a one off exhaust?

I'm building a couple right now, if you still need a pipe in a month or so i'll build you a custom exhaust, i can make it however you want, with certain limitations, but i'll need a lot of dimensions. Actually i've got a really good idea, i'll build a foam one, send it to you, you cut it up to fit however you want, hot glue back together and ship it back to me. I might be able to do the whole thing for about 200 something, ten bucks an hour plus expenses, so depending on what metal is in the scrap bin, probably around 200. I havent built any yet, and i havent dynoed them so i dont know if they will work, but if the prototypes work out, i'll put up a post. trust me, i'll be pretty excited.

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