Performance Pipe Bending

I already found a thread that gave some really good information about pipe bending or cut and welding. I think I'm going to go with the pipe bending at a muffler shop. In the beginning I was going to get a 2 piece Bi-turbo because there was a website that explained how to do it.

But if I go with the pipe bending, would it be alright to get a one piece Bi-turbo or should I stick with the two?

Re: Performance Pipe Bending

if you feel like making your own out of sheet metal, i can give you the dimensions specific for your engine

Re: Performance Pipe Bending

John Joedicke /

You will need to have your ped at the muffler shop so they then can fit the bend. Pain in the ass if you ask me but , you aren't......

want to build your own bender?

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