Re: how do you bend a pipe?

What is Wood's alloy? The thing is, I don't want any extra material getting into the expansion chamber or anything, so I have to be careful what I shove in there.

Re: how do you bend a pipe?

Allen Murphy /

Wood's alloy melts at 158 deg F.

If you put a rag in first to plug the pipe, then pour in Wood's alloy to fill it. This makes it act as if it's a solid bar.

You get done doing your bends, warm the pipe, and it all runs out!

Neat stuff to use!

Al Murphy

Re: how do you bend a pipe?

Where can you get Wood's alloy?


first off the "cut'n'welders" are right, second off if your pipe is chromed wear a mask when yer heating/welding (whatever you end up doing) cuz chrome is nasty on the lungs.

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