Breaking in Puch 70cc kit

So I just recieved my Athena 70cc kit today, and I'm about to install it.

How many miles do I have to break it in with? What exactly does the _breaking in_ do out of curiosity?



Re: Breaking in Puch 70cc kit

Michael Romano /

about 300 miles.. It causes the rings to form to your cylinder by wearing it down. Remember to vary your revs.. dont go full throttle till you are broken in... I did my break-in, in one weekend.. just ride all day!


Re: Breaking in Puch 70cc kit

Haha wow, 300 miles in 2 days? That's quite a ride. Do I need to keep it at around 30mph for the whole time?

Re: Breaking in Puch 70cc kit

btw, do you know much about the Athena kits? What's your take on them?

Re: Breaking in Puch 70cc kit

I have the airsal kit. I did the same. Costantly alter revs. Also, i would ride for about 10 min then let cool all the way. Dont know the purpose, but I heard it was healthy for your ped.


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