dry ice!

i was talking to my dad today and we were discussing putting a ram air charger on my Puch. Well he came up with the idea of have an air line (made out of a brake line) connected to the filter. Somewhere on the line have the line wrapped around a box of dry ice, that way when it reaches the chamber it is very cold, which we all know means a better burn.

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Reuben Mahaffy /

dry ice will sublime(solid --> gas) quite quickly -- depending mostly on surface area and ambient temperature At a rate of about $1-$2/lb this could get quite pricy. You'd also have to stop to refill your 'ice-box' -- and have a place to store the dry ice if you want to keep any quantity of it on hand -- it will still sublime noticeably in your freezer.

Then there's the issue of restriction of an air line with twists and turns etc, etc. Think about it -- is it easier to breathe through just your mouth or a foot of brake tubing?

Just thoughts -- feel free to try it and let us know how it works!

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Reuben Mahaffy /

i've got some figure now:

during storage, a 10lb chunk will last for about 15hrs. (of course, if you have storage at -109^, you can keep it as long as you want... ;) )

If you're using it in an open environment, with exposure to warm air, i'd expect the amount of time it lasts to be cut in half or a quarter, if not more. I'd be suprised if a 2lb chunk lasted for more than 30-45mins.

(still -- don't let that discourage you!)

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ಠ_ಠ Jon Folks ಠ_ಠ /

It would be good for moped drag racing.

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It would be good for moped drag racing."


I bet it would!

Drag racers were using this trick 40+ years ago at the 1/4 track at Westhampton!

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40+ years ago??????????? what are you 103 years old.



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granted that the ice would eventually melt, no doubt, the point is that when it is running it would run great and potentially be able to run faster, more effiecient for that 45 mintures... thats enough to finish a race! i bet you could go at least 5-7 miles an hour faster with an intake like this, if i mount it so the air is rushing into it, and then it gets really cold, u could do some beautifuel (my new word) things and probably get some buyers. the hard part is using

ones imagination and stop saying "it will never work" bc hell nobody believed in the Wright Brothers. . .


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yeah, but keep in mind that the air wont be in contact with the ice very long...

it probably wont have time to cool down the air...

a carb sucks a LOT of air..

anyway, try it if you wish


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no.. The hard part is not to use your imagination and believe in your idea. Even good ideas are a dime a dozen..

The hard part is to do what the Wright Brothers did.. if you look at their methods you'll see they were meticulous experimenters .. They were far from the first people to get the idea of a flying machine.. During years of research and tests, they invented the "wind tunnel" long before designing an airplane wing that would lift a plane..

For every set of successful Wright Bros there's 10,000 Wrong Brothers.. Those were the guys with airplane wings that flapped up and down. "It looks like it wants to fly. Have some faith, will ya?? Lets push it off this cliff.. You drive"

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"40+ years ago??????????? what are you 103 years old."


Actually, I'm only 95.

I just _feel_ like 103!!

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