TOMOS Transmission fluid

Jon Avecillas /


I was wonderign what the best transimission fluid is for a 03 TOMOS LX?

Also can anywone tell me how often it must be changed and how much to add ?

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Re: TOMOS Transmission fluid

TYPE F transmission fluid.

Drain it when it's hot then put the drain plug back in.

Fill it until it's just starting to come out of the fill hole.

It's actually FORD trans oil.

What ever you don't use engine oil.

It only holds about 8oz so I see nothing wrong with an every 30 day change because everytime you drain it some metal shavings and other crud will come out with it


Re: TOMOS Transmission fluid

Type F is the old Ford ATF but most work. Type A, type F, and Dexron III/Mercon all work but type F is the best. 300cc/10oz is how much is needed and change every 2,000 miles.

Re: TOMOS Transmission fluid

I only had mine changed 1 time out off 3000 miles and it ran great. But i sold it

Re: TOMOS Transmission fluid

30 weight engine oil.

Re: TOMOS Transmission fluid

10w-30 isn't good since it is way to thick and will kill shifting.

Re: TOMOS Transmission fluid

Stefan Chivu /

Question 1:

My solo moped has 2 gears too, but do i have to put oil in it ?? Please see the attachement and tell me please if i have to mount it off and fill in some oil !


Do i have to hear when the gears chance, cuz i tried to hear but they say that it's so effective that it doesn't make any sound, and with my low-restriction exhaust i should be able to tell. So how can i find out if it switches to second gear or it's defective ?


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