targa w bi-turbo, looking for speed kit next.advic

Reuben Mahaffy /

I've got a 2001 Targa that i bought with a 1 piece bi-turbo already on. I'm looking to do a speed kit next, looking seriously at the Airsal 44mm kit, then buying a bigger carb and intake kit. Another alternative is going for the raptor kit with the technigas next pipe. My question is if the technigas is a substantially better pipe than the bi-tubo? Also will the 1 pice bi-tubo even work with the outlined upgrades? I'm a bit of a novice mechanic, but a quick learner and wanting to get my hands dirty. Any advice greatly appreciated, thanks.

Re: targa w bi-turbo, looking for speed kit next.a

the technigas is defenintely better quality construction. the biturbo can outpreform the technigas in max top end though but the technigas prefroms better all around. I like the technigas better.

I would just get a rapttor kit and a 27 tooth sprocket if you want insane prefromance

Re: targa w bi-turbo, looking for speed kit next.a

Stevie Holewa /

yeah i agree with john. i have just that set up and it flys. i have the airsal kit, a jetted carb, 27 tooth sprocket, and a custom fabed K&N air filter/intake. i originaly used my bi-turbo on my targa when i got the airsal kit and it works fine, but the technigas works better with the airsal kit.

Re: targa w bi-turbo, looking for speed kit next.a

The one piece Biturbo will work with the Airsail kit, and it works with the stock carburator. With the stock carburator re-jetted, and three 1/4 inch holes drilled in the airbox my bike set up like this goes over 40mph. At the speed of about 45mph with this setup, and a 200lb rider there is still a bit of extra power, it tops out at about 50mph on long level stretches. This is using the stock sprocket. It would go a bit faster with a 27 tooth sprocket.

I am sure that a bike kited with a Raptor kit would out perform my bike. But, if money is an issue, and you want much better performance rather than insane performance, the Airsail kit with a bit of jetting and drilling the airbox is an option.

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