fa50 overheating probs?

i have a fa50 and i want to get bigger jets a k and n filter or maybe a puch k and n filter, will it over heat? also are there any carb boring tricks or ,aftermarket carbs i can buy, it has the mikuni vm12, i think its a spicket type.

Re: fa50 overheating probs?

Even though this is a performance tuning forum, you may still have to search way back on the General Moped Discussion forum to get answers. There is some info. on FA50s in tha archives. The low compression set-up that FA50s have probably won't tolerate too big a jet. No, if you don't run too lean it won't overheat. don-ohio (:^D

Re: fa50 overheating probs?

If you put a new filter on you will loose your low end. I just got my air cleaner back to stock and performance on the low end is much better.

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