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I guess it could be done with a dremel if you are really talented. I took sanpaper wrapped around a toilet paper roll and slowly opened it up... took about 10 hours total. Then I smoothed it upwith a dremel fine sandpaper bit. The hard part is the circle must grow to about 53mm without getting offset. It has to stay perfectly centered between the post holes. I probably hsould of had it machined but I'm cheap.


Re: The infamous Puch post

here's the size of the hole afterwards... now the sleeve should NOT be a tight fit because the sleeve could become distorted and place drag on the piston, the cylinder should slide in.


Re: The infamous Puch post

Fsads Asfdfddsaf /

I recently just got my moped and am looking to put a kit on it . Where can i find the $285 Athena 70cc/17mm amal carb kit that includes basically everything to redo the engine and the $185 Polini 64cc with the reedvalve kit and intake manifold (for a 15mm Bing carb that goes for around $70). What exhaust would also be compatible with any of these kits. So if anyone can tell me what sites these kits and parts are on that would be cool.


Re: The infamous Puch post

Re: The infamous Puch post

Keith Cunningham /

Hey everyone, I haven't forgotten about this post and I definetley plan to go through with it. The kits just came back in stock at Moped Warehouse and I ordered the Athena 70cc and it got here in 3 days! The website is already designed and everything so I know have the Proma Exhaust and the 70cc kit.

I will be posting again soon once I find a good place to serve the site,

Hope some of you guys are still intrested!



I know this is an ancient post... just wondered if any progress has since been made.

Re: yo...

alas, the best laid plans of mice and men...

Re: yo...

ohh mann taht 80cc looked. im willing to do the dremelwork on my moped to get the 80cc kit bolted. in i just dont know how hard it is to get a pipe and intake on it. mopedwarehouse picture looks like it already has a intake manifold coming from it. i just need enough money to get a massive carb to go along with it. im guessing the dellorto phbg from 1977mopeds. but this is all assuming i can manage to check if my tranny is still good. its a 2 speed


sad... really wanted to see it. on another note, i seem to recall you mentioning some technical stuff about expansion chambers. do you know what information is needed to properly design a chamber? i can get the sections cut and rolled no problem, but the fluid dynamics is WAY beyond me

Re: yep..

yeah sure

email me or catch me on aim and we'll talk about it, its kinda like buying a custom suit or something, i'll need some measurements from you, and to kinda know how you want it to run, then i'll come up with some critical dimensions.

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