Ignition Coil Readings - Peugeot 103

Damien Hugoo /


I am still troubleshooting my ignition. points & condenser appear good. Now I am testing Ignition Coil. I get a reading of 4k Ohms on the secondary (Primary reads good at 1.1 Ohms )

Listening to French videos about ignition, they say it should be at 2.5k Okms on secondary.

Does it mean that I need a new Ignition Coil ? I don't get how I have a higher resistance and if it's an indicator that the coil is bad.




Re: Ignition Coil Readings - Peugeot 103

It looks like the floated brake light feature is just soldered straight to ground what were you going to do about brake lights?

Re: Ignition Coil Readings - Peugeot 103

Treat land has two options that will bolt right in that you just solder or twist on a new spark plug cable to run out of the stator plate. The only problem is neither one of them are set up for brake lights. I took one of the orange/gold ones and soldered my spark plug cable to the tab then I was able to dig out the other end of the coil and solder on a wire to run out for my brake lights

Re: Ignition Coil Readings - Peugeot 103

Damien Hugoo /

I have another coil for lights I think (see picture). You are right, not sure why this is soldered to the ground. Maybe that is what is making reading read a higher resistance than what it’s supposed to.

I am still debating ordering a new coil or redoing the soldering or upgrading to cdi


Re: Ignition Coil Readings - Peugeot 103

Those r always bad. Take a read on myrons page. Although your points are waaay offset.

To run brake lights w new coil you will needs some new brake switches and rewiring.

Re: Ignition Coil Readings - Peugeot 103

If you decide you're going to go in a different direction ignition wise I'll take that stock coil off your hands

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