Tomos stuck after running

Documenting for the next guy

My son has been riding a stock 1978 tomos a3 I dug out of the barn that had a bad condenser.

After he rides it, its soft seized. I could either spin the flywheel with a big set of channel locks or the final time I tapped the piston with a socket with the head off

One I pulled the head, found a seized up ring.

Moral of the story, pull the jug and head if you start having it get stuck. Easy to do and figure out.

Odometer showed 2000k miles on it. Not sure how long it was ridden with it broke but for 1978, not a lot


Re: Tomos stuck after running

Kelikaku קוטין /

Good job.

Keep up the good work!


Re: Tomos stuck after running

Hard part is figuring out why it gets stuck.

I wish i had a big set of channel locks.

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