Freewheel Remover Tool - Peugeot 103

Damien Hugoo /

Does anybody know if the Park Tool FR-6 Freewheel Remover Tool would work on a peugeot 103 ? I read that you can grind 2 notch to make it work but not sure it would work for peugeot 103.

Also, I saw some Adjustable Pin Spanner Wrench at Harbor Height

Finally, stupid question is it even worth replacing ?



Re: Freewheel Remover Tool - Peugeot 103

Is it worth replacing? If it doesn't work yes you need to replace it unless you don't want a pedal start

Re: Freewheel Remover Tool - Peugeot 103

When I remove those I never really had the proper tool so I had a really good size drift punch about 6 in long. Heavy duty. And I took it over to a bench grinder and I put an angle on the end and kind of squared it up so it fit in that notch and then I would set the wheel in my lap so I could really be down over the Freewheel and then I would just tap tap tap tap and then move to the other Notch tap tap tap. But most of all I put plenty of PB Blaster down in there and let it sit a little bit I've never failed to get one off

Re: Freewheel Remover Tool - Peugeot 103

Those two circles on the face is where a spawner wrench can fit in to remove the freewheel. Or you can get a chain whip. This is the same as a bicycle freewheel so any tool That is made for bicycles should work for this.

Re: Freewheel Remover Tool - Peugeot 103

Air chisel or a drift and 3lb sledge as cheetah described are my methods . If you’re replacing it can also pop the cap off and remove the bearings so you can access the freewheel hub and then chuck it in your bench vise and turn the wheel off of it.

Re: Freewheel Remover Tool - Peugeot 103

Scottee doesn't know. /

The park tool should work. Make sure your notches are crisp and don't slip.

Re: Freewheel Remover Tool - Peugeot 103

I just feel like the chisel and sledge route can work but is a great way to damage things if you slip or hit something wrong.

Opt for the chain whip version of the removal tool and you will be surprised the amount of use you will have for the tool. The spanner wrench has some uses too, like if you own an angle grinder, it is how the discs are removed.

Re: Freewheel Remover Tool - Peugeot 103

I broke the two nubs off my freewheel puller trying to remove one from a mag wheel, probably due to the steel freewheel on aluminum wheel dissimilar metal thing.

Welded an impact socket to the freewheel and blasted it off.

Hopefully you have better luck than me

Re: Freewheel Remover Tool - Peugeot 103

Kelikaku קוטין /

Using a 4oz. tinker's hammer for situations that would be drastically compromised if one used a 3lb. single jack is an option; there are so many hammers to choose from:



Re: Freewheel Remover Tool - Peugeot 103

If it aint broke dint fix it. Just clean n lube it up.

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