71 Vespa Ciao clutch not disengaging

Hello, I recently bought an old vespa ciao. I was going through everything when i realized my clutch pads were not engaging, and the lever does nothing. anyone know what to do?


Re: 71 Vespa Ciao clutch not disengaging

The clutches are automatic, they swing out when you throttle up. The lever is a decomp valve on your head aids in spinning up motor but not really necessary as vespas are pretty low compression.

Re: 71 Vespa Ciao clutch not disengaging

They are held back by springs which are overcome when pedaled to start which then allows the pads to engage and turn the motor.

The lever is for decomp, it won’t run if you hold that, it also won’t run or won’t run well if the decomp does not properly seal.

If the pads are not engaging make sure that your belt has proper tension, and that the rear hub is turning the belt when you pedal.

If the pads won’t disengage then the springs could be broken.

Re: 71 Vespa Ciao clutch not disengaging

I can see you need a new belt from that picture.

If the clutch isn’t DISengaging, make sure you have that bushing that fits over the crank between the needle bearings in that clutch. Because it’ll “run” without out but it’s horrible.

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