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Dangertooth -PipeDreams/- /

I just put together a new-to-me AV10, and am having some trouble.

46mm Avionic Kit

Le Partie CDI set to (about?) 1.3mm before tdc

Stock AV10 exhaust

3.5mm base spacer (to fully open transfers at bdc)

Stock head

15mm SHA

Malossi intake with Karbonit reeds and block

It starts and idles well. I can rev it up on the stand, but throttle response is delayed, and it feels underpowered. Riding it, it probably tops out at 10-15mph

Because the motor wasn't complete when I received it, it's hard to know where to start. I redid the timing, and have jetted from 63 to 80.

Any insight you can offer would be muchly appreciated!

Re: Av10 Help

Maybe piston in backwards. Take a peek thro exhaust port and look for hole in piston.

Re: Av10 Help

Pat yourself on the back for getting it to run at all. Rockettman couldn't get his AV10 to run to save his life.

Re: Av10 Help

Does that 3.5mm base spacer just give you an enormous squish band?

Re: Av10 Help

Dangertooth -PipeDreams/- /

It's true. The head is farther away from the piston at TDC than it was before, and I haven't done anything to mitigate the change.

I expected to sacrifice low end because of this, but thought I'd still be able to run the kit. Was I wrong about that? I'm admittedly pretty ignorant of the effects of squish, except that more compression can = more low end.

Re: Av10 Help

Dirty30 Dillon /

With 3+mm of squish, there's no way this will run. You're better off leaving your transfers buried.

Also: stock head in this setup is asking for issues

Re: Av10 Help

Dangertooth -PipeDreams/- /

Yup, You're right. Even with the transfers halfway covered, the bike runs better without the 3mm spacer. Top end is abysmal, but it's a start

Thanks for the help!

Re: Av10 Help

Dangertooth -PipeDreams/- /

Okay okay, but while we're talking about squish.

IF I were to run the spacer. Is it as simple as decking the cylinder to achieve my desired squish then?

I have an M48 Batavus with a Puch Airsal cylinder that runs great.... with nearly 4mm of squish.... I guess that's why I thought this would work.

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