67’-69’’ PC50 49cc 4 cycle Eng. stuck?

If u have a moped or an engine like mine and one day u go out to ride and u can peddle it great but when u flip the lever to start the engine and it’s locked up, you can’t peddle it, the tire skids as u push it and it u can’t peddle it to start then u might have the same problem I did!! I took the engine apart and found no metal shavings, metal

Pieces, no broken gear, bearings, teeth broken off of gears, the piston moves easily, great compression, nothing obviously broken?? Well here’s ur problem I’m betting, it was my problem anyway! The crankshaft that has the peddles on it has a spring on the piece of the shaft that moves just slightly back and forth when it’s engaged and disengaged! Remove the C clip and slide the piece off and the spring is there! My spring was 1/2” long, I stretched it to 3/4” and I’m about to put it all back together, Almost 99% sure it’ll be the fix!! If u ever have this problem I took numerous pix and videos I’d gladly send to you if u ask. Thank you


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