Ciao Treatland Olympia Party

Hey all.

Does anyone have experience with Treatland vespa Olympia party or any of it's components? I have a 1976 Ciao SC that is essentially stock at the moment with a 43 jet.

In the kit comes with: 13.13 carb, head and base gaskets, a 43mm kit with head(cylinder, head, piston, rings, wrist pin, clips), high flow air filter, and Tecno circuit performance pipe.

Curious of any thoughts.


Re: Ciao Treatland Olympia Party

Dirty30 Dillon /

Pretty great mild ciao setup. Especially pleasant on a single speed.

At the very least, replace the crank seal. But you really should do bearings and crank, and port the intake patch while you're in there to take advantage of your larger carb and better cylinder.

But if you don't feel like it, you'll see a nice difference with this setup but expect to MAYBE see 40 mph with a bolt'n'go setup.

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Yeah that about right. I have that set up 64cc Olympia, 13/13 carb not modded, giannelli pipe, stock variated riding today I got up to 38 pretty quick mph which is ok with me.

Re: Ciao Treatland Olympia Party

Randaddy Atkinson /

Mine came with bent cylinder skirt which wouldn’t allow the piston (without rings) to slide freely through the entire bore. Didn’t notice the reviews saying the same thing until it was too late… but it gave me a good opportunity to rebuild it all again with a crank and DR kit.

Make sure to check all the things before you start putting it together and do it right the first time!

Re: Ciao Treatland Olympia Party

-You will want to chamfer the edges of all the ports. This is really important.

-Check the ring gap.

-Check the piston and cylinder clearances, based on an earlier post it sounds like -that could be an issue.

-The 13.13 will not likely have the right jet. (I would guess that it would need a 54-58, maybe someone else is running a similar setup and can chime in)

-Opening up your intake to match the 13.13 probably would have little to no effect with this set-up unless you have a super restricted intake. Save that for another build.

-Replacing seals is always a great idea, but if it was running fine before you may be fine.

-Check for air leaks after assembly.

Re: Ciao Treatland Olympia Party

I did one for my cousin about 3 years ago on a bravo. 13 spaco, China crank cut 7/12, ported cases, shitty Tecno circuit, mopedfactory Vario....

That lil bike rips, does 42/43 easy on the flats and charges down hill, I've seen 46 max on the GPS. It lives at a house full of college dropout kids and they thrash it all the time.

Pretty good for all being made out of crap parts. The kit was one of the ones treats was selling for like $20 with a broken skirt and the piston was used that cheetahchrome sent me free hooked up to a crank I bought from him.

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To update you all that posted on this thread.

So I got the kit and switched over everything. All went ok strangely well with the only installation issues being the bolt hanger on the front of the exhaust wasn't an exact fit and then the cylinder was missing a bolt hold to attach a plastic piece.

So I got it up and running. Started up very easily but when riding it around something doesn't seem quite right. It has a slightly faster from the start acceleration but the top speed isn't what I think it should be. I gotta do more riding to get a better gauge on it but from like 75%-100% throttle there isn't much change in speed.

Trying to brainstorm why that is.

It came with a 66 jet and it seems decently happy idling with it. I'm at around 3000 ft of elevation where I'm at. I checked the gaps and then for air leaks once I had everything on. It did seem like it was running hot when I got back from my ride. Took out the spark plug to check what it looked like and some smoke poured out. Might have ended on tdc and that's why it had no other escape?

I'll attach a picture of the plug but it is the same one I'd been using before so idk how much diagnostics can be taken from the looks of it.

Curious what you more experienced folk can think of.


Re: Ciao Treatland Olympia Party

That looks pretty dark, but you should really check it with a fresh plug, and/or use a temp gauge.

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Dirty30 Dillon /

The aftermarket cylinders don't have a cast mount for the cylinder shroud, you need to buy the press in one.

If you're not running that cylinder shroud and fan shroud, it will be overheating.

Re: Ciao Treatland Olympia Party

Dillion are you speaking of this plastic piece on top? I do have it in place along with the fan plastic piece


Re: Ciao Treatland Olympia Party


Looks like your jet is a bit to big. Try and see if it runs better/faster with the throttle not completely wide open.

Re: Ciao Treatland Olympia Party

If your fighting heat toss the b4hs to b7hs or higher cooler plug.

Re: Ciao Treatland Olympia Party

Did you grind the brass shoulder flush so the variator cheeks close further? You will probably also want the dead ped variator weights or the treats ones in the same weight range, the stock weights are pretty heavy. (edited)

Re: Ciao Treatland Olympia Party

Did you cut the crank and port the cases?

That jet is probably way big, I think I ended up with 62 or 64 on mine, with the porting.

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