Lubrications need?

My bike is running nicely. I’ve cleaned everything up in the motor. I’m cleaning the chain and plan to lubricate it when I reinstall. New tires and tubes on the way.

What do I need to lubricate? Is there any transmutation oil or engine oil needed? Do I need to lubricants the wheels?

The wheels don’t spin even when I give it throttle. How can I clean the clutch.

It’s a 1995 Panther Hero - Majestic.

I just want to make it safe to ride and clean and ready to go. Done right.



Re: Lubrications need?

The wiki page has a copy of the owner's manual.

Re: Lubrications need?

No oil aside from the oil you mix with the gas. You're saying that with the chain on your bike the doesn't spin the wheel? Does it have both chains? Is it in pedal mode? There's a switch on the pulley on the left side of the bike that disengages the motor from the wheel

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