Suzuki FA-50 petcock assembly

Hello, does anyone know how to assemble correctly a Suzuki FA-50 fuel petcock? I disassembled it and forgot how to reassemble it back together correctly.

There's a diaphragm with a large spring mounted in the center. I forgot which way the diaphragm faces in the housing with the spring and there's a fuel lever that's keyed in a nylon round valve with one side has a hole for the fuel to go through. I forgot which way it's keyed in orientation to the open hole. In the following this is how I assembled it. I assembled it this way I think it's correct. I placed the diaphragm flat side with the spring towards the back of the petcock and placed the fuel lever keyed to the On position with the nylon valve hole facing upwards orientated with lever in the On position. Does that sound correct? Thanks for any input. CJ


Re: Suzuki FA-50 petcock assembly

If the o ring on the diaphragm plunger is copacetic , you should be good .

You can test the lever positioning by attaching a hose to the inlet and blowing .

There should be no flow in the ON or the RESERVE positions , but free flow in the PRIME position .

Re: Suzuki FA-50 petcock assembly

I'll test it today. Thanks

Re: Suzuki FA-50 petcock assembly


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