Step-by-step Minarelli V1 Clutch Replacement

Hello, so I am kinda new to this whole moped thing but I bought a 1980 Motron Classic from some guys barn and I have completely rebuilt the top end and carburetor and I wanted to take a look at the clutch and see how the pads were looking there, but I have no idea how to actually disassemble and reassemble anything in the crankcase and could not find any actual step-by-step instructions online as well as any tools that I may need. If someone else has asked this question a link to that forum would be nice or if you have a guide or something that would be epic. Thank you.

Re: Step-by-step Minarelli V1 Clutch Replacement

Here's the PDF file for the manual

For the clutch, simple instructions are:

Remove clutch cable from engine

Drain case by removing bottom screw on cover and top plastic (or bakelight) breather cap.

Remove 6 bolts and pull of cover. Try to save the gasket.

Remove big lock ring with screwdriver that holds starter clutch.

Remove starter clutch plate, spring, and spring cup.

There's the clutch.

To remove, you need a puller.

Use puller to pop clutch off. An impact gun on the puller works best, and it comes off with a big "pop!" That sounds like you broke it. But you didn't. It's just a scary noise.

Trying to remove it with anything but the screw in puller will usually damage and/or destroy the clutch.

The clutch bell is held on by a snap ring.

Take that off, and the bell should slide right off, revealing a brass bushing.

Bushing is usually stuck, but will slide off with a little effort. Try not to gouge it up if reusing.

That's it.

Re: Step-by-step Minarelli V1 Clutch Replacement

Here’s the guide I used to rebuild mine:

It has a brief explanation and photos of removing the clutch.

Re: Step-by-step Minarelli V1 Clutch Replacement

It’s also good to check that ball bearing on the starter plate. They get flat spots over time which might make it difficult to start. They are easy to swap out though.

I just drilled a tiny hole in the back to stick a punch in and popped it out through the front. It uses a 1/4” ball bearing I think.


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